As a qualified and experienced Solution Focused Hypnotherapist Wendy helps her clients overcome a wide range of challenges in their lives, making a real difference to their happiness and helping them to achieve their goals and ambitions.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis itself reduces anxiety, and this is done very simply through relaxation and visualisation, allowing you to focus on the positive aspects of your life that enables a shift in perspective. 


What is hypnosis like?

When in a state of hypnosis you remain in complete control and despite what you may have seen on television, I cannot make you bark like a dog, or walk like a chicken!  You cannot get stuck in hypnosis and you can bring yourself out at any time.

What is my role?

It is important to note that commitment and determination are required and to maximise the success of any treatment program. Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy can be enormously powerful, but only in combination with this determination. Results may vary depending on the individual and their commitment to the process. Listening to the relaxation Audio in between sessions is necessary.