Poor mental health costs UK employers up to £45 billion a year and for every £1 spent by employers on staff wellbeing they get £5 back in reduced absence, presenteeism and staff turnover.


Investing in your employees’ wellbeing leads to increased resilience, reduced stress, improved staff retention and reduced sick leave and absenteeism. Let us help you with that...


With over 13 years of experience in the wellness field we create affordable, engaging and impactful programmes that educate your employees. We have vast experience of working with companies all shapes and sizes to create a programme that suits the company's culture and budget. Whether the focus is over one day, one week in conjunction with a national or international awareness day such as International Mental Health Day or spread throughout the year, we provide the flexibility and choice to offer a wide range of activities all under one roof without the need to work with lots of different suppliers and as we offer a nationwide service can operate simultaneously across multiple locations throughout the UK.


With over 13 years’ experience, our wellbeing therapies/activities for employees have been designed to help teams improve and maintain good health practices, increase their productivity and feel good every day!


Our services are tailored to work for small independent companies as well as large businesses operating via multi-site locations throughout the UK.


Whether you are looking to implement a new workplace wellbeing initiative or simply want a stress busting activity to reward and motivate your team, we specialise in a combination of 1-2-1 treatments and group workshops and curate engaging wellbeing programmes for wellness days and /or health awareness weeks to suit your culture and budget.


We offer our wellbeing programmes in the workplace, a local venue or virtually/online.


For more information on how we can help you run a successful wellness programme for your company, please get in touch and we can brain storm some ideas and put forward a proposal for you.

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  • Increased motivation and productivity - Ongoing support helps staff work through personal or work-related difficulties and maintain productivity in a healthy way. They’ll feel motivated to commit more energy to work.


  • Higher staff retention - Employees who feel supported will want to keep working for you. This means you retain talented people and lower recruitment and training costs.


  • Reduced sickness absence - Staff will face fewer physical or mental health ailments that require time off.


  • Reduced presenteeism - Presenteeism is when staff come to work despite not being in the best physical or mental health, which causes them to perform below standard. According to research, presenteeism costs one and a half times more than absenteeism because it causes accidents, underperformance, and mistakes. Jobs often need completing twice or staff have to take more time off than they originally would have.


  • Reduced costs - In 2016/17, Britain lost an estimated £14.9 billion due to work-related injuries and ill-health. Mental health issues cost workplaces an estimated £26 billion per year, equivalent to £1,035 per employee. According to 'Mindful Employer', research shows that spending as little as 80p on health promotion strategies can save around £4 of absenteeism, presenteeism, and temporary staff costs.


  • Higher job satisfaction - Staff who feel appreciated at work gain more satisfaction from working. According to a workplace survey, 80% of people said that better wellbeing benefits would make them feel more positive towards their employer.