Meditation brings awareness of the thoughts with sustained focus through regular practice. As Eric Harrison says, “Meditation trains us to focus on one thing at a time”. It helps to improve performance, inspiration and vision, quality of life, self-awareness and spiritual awakening. It brings inner peace and has many scientific evidence-based benefits.


Meditation improves:



Inspiration and vision


Better sleep quality

Greater empathy and compassion

Reaction to a stressful situation (fight or flight)


We offer weekly, fortnightly or monthly virtual mediation sessions or this can incorporated into a half day/full day wellbeing programme.


The virtual sessions are a great addition to your pre-existing staff wellbeing strategy, budget friendly. easy to fit into a working day as the sessions are short and no previous knowledge is needed to join in.



If you aim to help colleagues or employees to collaborate better as a team, focus on goals or reach a better work/life balance, then hypnotherapy could help.


Hypnotherapy is increasingly being seen as an important human resources tool that empowers people to fulfil their professional and personal potential.


We focus on results, not the past. We help people by introducing a more positive mind-set.


Building confidence

Beating stress

Strengthening cooperation and communication skills


The Pamper Lounge Corporate Events offers group talks and individual therapy sessions to explore where mental blocks may lie within individuals and within a team.

Please contact us on 01845 527085 or email us to start organising a mindful workshop/therapy session or to discuss which of our other fun team building activities and workshops will best suit your requirements.