Meet The Instructors

Wendy Blakebrough and Aidan Butler are a dynamic duo, as a Mother-In-Law and Son-In-Law team and partners in crime! They are prolific content creators and they’ve taken what they’ve learned through their successes and together they have created Mission Slimpossible - The Weight Loss Programme! 

We are delighted that our Mission Slimpossible has been featured

on The Tuesday Vibes Show on Shields Radio! Check it our here!

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Wendy is a member of the General Hypnotherapy Council. A warm and personable therapist, practicing a highly effective ‘solution focused’ approach to therapy. Wendy works with clients of all ages, helping them to overcome a variety of physical and psychological symptoms using Emotional Freedom Techniques, Brain Working Recursive Therapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Aidan, having experienced benefits in his own life, decided to train in mindfulness, including meditation and laughing yoga. Since then he has been running taster sessions, workshops, retreats and staff well-being days in corporate settings. He has been featured in 'Yorkshire Live' for helping people tackle lockdown stress as Laughter Yoga Leader!