Shape & Gel Polish (Hands or feet) - £20

Shape & Gel Polish (Hands or feet) with Gel Removal - £26.50


Gel Manicure - £24 

Gel Manicure with Gel Removal - £30.50

Spa Hand Treatment - £20 

Shape, cuticles, scrub, soak, masque, massage, moisturise

Gel Pedicure - £29 

Whirlpool, spa massage chair, shape, cuticles, nail buff, hard skin sanding, gel polish, moisturise


Gel Pedicure with Gel Removal - £35.50

The Ultimate MediSpa Pedicure - £55

Whirlpool, spa massage chair, toenail trim, shape, cuticles, nail buff, hard skin removal with scalpel, sanding, scrub, gel polish, massage, moisturise

The Ultimate MediSpa Pedicure with Gel Removal - £61.50

Gel Polish Removal (Hands or feet)  - £7.50

Kids Mini Manicure or Pedicure - £10

Shape, polish & a sprinkle of glitter for under 12s



Add on an Intense Nourishing Hand or Foot Masque to any of the above treatments - £5

Add on a gel overlay to your mani/pedi - £5


A strong, hard-wearing gel is applied directly onto your natural nails before your gel polish application. Provides an extra layer of protection/strength if your nails are weak and prone to breaking, overlays are great if you *gasp* bite your nails, or generally have trouble growing them.