If your employees spend long periods of time on their feet then they are much more likely to experience lower limb and foot-related health issues.


Regular foot health/podiatry appointments, even if your feet seem healthy, are great for highlighting any potential issues and acts to prevent any serious problems developing in the future. The aim of podiatry appointments is to keep individuals mobile, independent, agile and out of pain. As your employees are so reliant on their feet to do their job efficiently and safely, it may be worth considering investing in onsite podiatry appointments to protect their feet.


Why not include podiatry treatment as part of their staff health benefits?


Podiatry-related health issues can significantly impact your employees ability to work if their role requires them to be active. This can result in time off work and reduced productivity in the workplace. When it comes to health, prevention is much easier than curing, which is why we strongly believe in regular onsite podiatry visits.


Onsite podiatry appointments which cause minimal disruption to your employees working day and are a useful health benefit. Our experienced podiatrist can come to your place of work and provide lower limb and foot healthcare to your employees.


What kind of jobs might require a podiatry clinic?


Any job that requires employees to be on their feet for long periods, particularly physically demanding roles. Specific industries would include hospitality, construction, labouring, dancers, cleaners, fitness instructors, and retail to name a few. If you are unsure whether your employees would benefit from this service, simply get in touch with us and we can advise you.


Our podiatrists offer a range of treatments depending on the patient's specific condition, concern or injury, including:


Corn & callus removal

Ingrowing toenails and other nail pathologies

Skin disorders & fungal infections

Advice on bunion correction

Foot & ankle injury & pain including sports injuries

Foot posture-related aches and pains including shin pain, knee pain, chronic hip and lower back pain.

Verrucae (Plantar warts) – treatment may require cryotherapy at the clinic


Prices start from £40pp. Please contact us on 01845 527085 or email us to start organising a  corporate podiatry booking.