A day in the life of a Therapist at The Pamper Lounge...

Have you ever wondered about the process your therapist goes through before, during and after your treatment? Ever wanted to have a sneaky peak to see what’s happening behind those staff doors? A day in the life of a therapist is seriously nonstop, yet so rewarding. Here is how a day will usually unfold for us!

We’ve arrived at the salon first thing in the morning (our 2nd home). All here at the same time looking forward to kicking off the day with each other! We go in and commence preparation to create the classic Pamper Lounge atmosphere. Candles are lit, music is on, another mop and vacuum of the floors and suddenly the empty spa building is transformed into the tranquil haven you clients recognise it as!

After checking out our bookings and duties for the day, the first few clients are in. Each of the therapists will juggle different responsibilities throughout the average day. Common tasks include day to day business upkeep, such as reception – answering phones, scheduling appointments and signing off gift cards purchased for someone special! And if we have a spare chance, a quick dust and cleaning windows. Oh, and did we mention the ordering and receiving of supplies, your favourite products!

The day will continue to fly through client after client. New and plenty of familiar faces are here for their appointments. We feel SO satisfied knowing that our clients have walked out feeling refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated! Before we know it, it’s time for our breaks. This gives us a brief chance to eat (as there is no time between back to back treatments) and time to finally unwind.

A couple of Facials, Massages and Manicures later, we are hitting that afternoon period bursting with clients! We heavily factor in clients concerns and what they desire from their treatment. This takes a lot of skill to craft the perfect treatment for you! As we offer more specialised treatments, including the use of specialised machinery for body and facial treatments, we have a lot to learn and remember! There is just so much to keep in mind. Not to mention, in between each treatment we are popping in and out of rooms cleaning surfaces, disinfecting, mopping floors, organising fresh linen and multiple other hygiene and cleaning procedures. We have very high cleanliness standards!

Around seven we will wrap up our day, unless it is later on a Thursday night or a very rare early finish! All the clients have left, so again we are straight on to cleaning! End of day procedures completed, all electronics off, laundry folded and we are ready for the next morning.

After our goodbyes to our Pamper Lounge family we have a chance to reflect on the day. You'll usually find that we will car share & enjoy each other's company on our way home to! It is true when they say that you never work a day in your life when you love what you do! Being a therapist comes with a lot of responsibility, cleaning, exhaustion and skill. However, NOTHING beats the rewarding feeling of making a client feel better about themselves, nothing! We meet new people, make new friends and despite the stress of a full on day, we always manage to smile and laugh!

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