Beauty Salad For Glowing Skin✨

This simple yet effective salad is full of ingredients that will help to keep your skin healthy, plump and glowing!

Key Ingredients: (You can add any fruit or veg you like)

🥑 Avocado - High in good fats and Vitamin E & C which all help to plump out fine lines.

🥒 Cucumber - Hydrating for the skin and contains antioxidants

🐟 Tuna - High protein food that's important for skin growth

🍋 Lemon/ Lime juice - High in Vitamin C

✨ Extra virgin olive oil - Plumps skin from within, gives you a healthy glow (I teaspoon is enough to cover the salad)

🥚 Eggs - High in protein and fatty acids

🌻 Add nuts and seeds - Contain zinc

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