Brand New LED face mask

Our Brand New LED face mask is a new design of LED therapy, delivering 3 different wavelengths to activate your skins’ natural healing ability to resolve skin conditions such as acne/breakouts, fine lines, redness, and pigmentation. Additionally, it has the ability of galvanic therapy too, to further enhance the treatment results.

The illumination LED face mask can be used standalone treatments or coupled with other treatments such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion and others. The unique small attachment can be used for neck and chest treatments, alternatively detached and used on other areas of skin.


  • Blue light energy from the led face mask kills P.acnes bacteria on and below the skin surface to clear up blemishes

  • Reduce Redness. Red light helps the skin cells to repair therefore diminishing swelling and inflammation to achieve a more even skin tone.

  • Prevent Breakouts. Regular treatments with our LED face mask will keep acne bacteria away and prevent future breakouts before they happen.

  • NO CHEMICALS! No oils, creams or chemicals that dry out the skin are used. The LED light therapy gives your skin the best.


  • Boost your skin cells. Stimulate enzymes to boost cell turnover, increasing circulation and improving overall skin health.

  • Smooth wrinkles. Increased production of collagen and elastin, firm and smooth the skin giving a youthful appearance.


  • Even skin tone. The LED face mask treatment repairs cells to diminish discolouration, redness, swelling and inflammation, therefore improving skin texture and tone with regular treatments.

Our LED face mask treatment will leave you with clearer, firmer and brighter skin with a noticeable radiance. Available very soon in the salon!

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