🖐 DIY Soft Hands Treatment 🖐

Are your hands feeling dry from all the extra washing and hand gels?

Try this DIY Soft Hands Treatment 👇

1. Soak your hands in a bowl of warm water for 2 minutes. 2. Pat dry your hands. 3. Lather hands with hand cream/ Body cream / Coconut oil. 4. Wrap your hands in cling film, one at a time. 5. Sit down with a towel or blanket covering your hands. The clingfilm will trap the heat and the moisturizer will deeply penetrate your dry skin, leaving it super soft. 6. Sit for as long as you like - 15 -20 mins is good. 7. Take off the towel and clingfilm, massage in the rest of the moisturizer. TIP - Your cuticles will be lovely and soft now so push those back by massaging them too.

How soft do your hands feel? 🙌💕 Hope you enjoy this little treat!

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