DIY Steam Facial 😍💆‍♀

What you need:

1x normal sized towel

Ix hand towel 1x big bowl of warm water/ or sink (I like to do this at a table so I can sit down). 1x oil cleanser or olive oil (1 teaspoon) 1x cleasner 1x face scrub/enzyme peel 1 x mask 1x serum 1x night cream

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What to do:

1. Pre cleanse. Take 1 pump of your pre cleanse oil, or the olive oil, and start massaging it into your skin. We are working from the inside - out. So from your nose - out the your ears. I like to do strokes from the middle to the outside of your face. This is de-puffing for you skin and contouring for your face. Do this for about 1 minute (or longer if you like). 2. Take your hand towel and drape it in the bowl of hot water, so both ends are poking out and dry. Now twist each end away from each other to remove most of the water. Sit this hot towel over your face and enjoy that for 30 seconds - a minute. If you have some essential oil like lavender you can add a couple of drops to the water. This is opening your pores. This feel soooo good...right!? 3. Use the hot towel to wipe off all of the oil cleanser. 4. Now it's time to cleanse. Take your cleanser and massage it into your skin with circular motions. 5. Soak the hot towel and twist again. Apply to your face again and rub off the cleanser. 6. At this stage you need to change the water. Refill with more hot water. 7. Sit with your head over the water so steam is coming onto your skin. Drape the big towel over your head so it traps the steam. Take nice deep breaths in. The steam is opening your pores and hydrating your skin at the same time. It also feels so good and comforting. Do this for as long as you like - around 5 mins. 8. Now, you can take your scrub and gently massage that into your skin with your finger tips. Use small circular motions. This is invigorating. You can use the water from the bowl to splash off all of they grains. If using an enzyme mask, you may need to leave it to sit in your skin for 5 minutes or so (always read the instructions). 9. Mask time! Take your mask and apply to your skin.. Usually masks stay on anywhere from 5-20 minutes. You can lie down while this is on. 10. Refill your water bowl and use the small towel again - twist out the water and sit the towel over your face....Mmmmm soooo good. Rub off the rest of the mask with the towel. 11. Apply your serum/moisturiser

Your skin will feel amazing! ❤️

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