Healthy nails for a beautifully neat look... our therapists share their top tips!

Our therapists share their top tips:


applying a good hand and nail cream before bed is the simplest way to keep nails healthy

and prevent breaks.

Oil your cuticles

your cuticles protect the area at the base of your nails; gently push back your cuticles once a week and then massage them with oil to keep them healthy.

Clip regularly

focus on strong, healthy nails and protect against damage by keeping tidy. Clip your nails and file in one direction for a smooth finish.


with a base coat – a basecoat acts as a barrier to protect the nail from nail polish whilst also providing nourishing vitamins to strengthen and protect your nails.

Use a quality polish

check labels and avoid the following harsh, drying chemicals: dibutyk phthalate, fomaldehyde and toluene.

Wear gloves

protect against weak nails when cleaning, washing up or gardening and in cold weather.

Treat your nails

check out our guide below to correct common nail concerns...

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