🍋🍯 Honey & Lemon Morning Meditation...

Mix in a cup:

Hot water

Lemon slices (3)

Honey (1 teaspoon)

Ginger (optional)

Herbal tea bag(optional)

🍋 When it's just made, hold the cup close to your face so you can smell the fragrant lemon and feel the warmth of the water.

🍋 Now, take a nice long deep breath in through your nose, breathing in the lemon aroma, and slowly exhale through your mouth.

🍋 Do this again, in through your nose, out through your mouth.

🍋 Repeat this for a few minutes, until the drink has cooled down and you're able to drink it.

💛 Lemon scent is uplifting, calming, clarifying and has been shown to improve mood.

It's a lovely way to start your morning...Let us know what you think!

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