If you have recovered from anxiety, what one tip would you give to someone who's struggling?

Here are our Tip Tops from our very own exclusive Good Vibe Tribe Members who are our special, extraordinary, fabulous, loyal, supportive & like minded clients - those who are a part of our family and community here at The Pamper Lounge!

1) Stop being so hard on yourself. Start doing more of what makes you calmer and happier.

You’ll get back to your ‘normal’ self by doing what is best for you, not others.

Also snuggle fluffy things

2) Take up Yoga and Meditation. I actually went on the "Stress Control" course via the NHS. Took a little pushing because I didn't want to take any pills (long story there - it's right for some, just not for me) was really helpful. and then did an online course in CBT so I could understand it more. Read lots of books on Mindfulness and just found lots of ways to look after myself. I learnt to accept it, rather than fight it. I run a lot so that helps me loads. And I try to eat well and ensure I get all my vitamins in. Healthy body = healthy mind.

3) Change something. If you know what’s causing the anxiety See how you can change things so it’s not such a burden.

4) Control you mind. Its so easy to get lost in there. Sometimes we need to go through these horrible things to actually see the light in the world. The mind is a mental thing, be kind to it and you will flourish. Be awful to it and you will get lost. Listen to inspiring speeches that can sometimes turn your whole day around or life. Also know that anxiety and depression don't just go like that. It's consistency, it's hard work, you still will have rough days but you know tomorrows a new day with FRESH opportunities. Look into the law of attraction! Saved my life!

5) Distraction and grounding techniques... Anything the mind can concentrate on but doesn't but it under stress. Also music!

And don't forget The Pamper Lounge are always here for you! Whether you feel stressed, anxious or overwhelmed we'll listen, provide instant expert support and be that powerful positive influence in your life!

Becoming a member of our Good Vibes Tribe -

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