Let us transport you to a faraway land...

It’s almost been 7 weeks of being back open! We feel like we are really getting into the swing of things now and we have decided to keep a lot of the changes running for the foreseeable future so before your first visit back make sure you take a look at our Covid Salon Policy.

For many... the only time we slow down and take a little bit of ‘me’ time is when we jet off for a week or two for a vacation but for many of us that isn’t really an option right now!

Let us transport you to a faraway land with the help of one of our massage treatments!

Our team of wellness gurus have created a brand new massage upgrade menu to help you totally unwind, customise your own experience and emerge into supreme relaxation!

These massage upgrades can be added when booking your experience or can be added at the time of your treatment! Book online here!

Look forward to seeing you soon - The Pamper Lounge Team

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