Make your own Homemade Bath Truffles!

How to Make your own Homemade Bath Truffles! Check out the final product from our oatmeal, olive oil and tea tree bath truffles 🌿

All you need is:

Oatmeal 1 cup Olive oil - 3TBSP Powdered milk - dusting amount Essential oil of your choosing Moisturising cream- 3TBSP A blender to bring the oatmeal down to a fine powder

With only a few ingredients, they take practically no time to whip up. Once melted in your bath, they release the oils and moisturising cream inside to create a soothing, moisturizing bath. They also make great gifts and you can vary the experience by changing the scent. You can use these bath truffles immediately or allow to dry overnight and kept in an airtight container for up to a month!

Love and Light The Pamper Lounge Family ❤️

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