Milk & Honey Foot Bath Ritual

This is a softening foot soak that's very relaxing...

You'll need:

One big plastic bow/ tub/ bucket

Warm water to fill tub half way

1 tablespoon of honey

2 tablespoons of yogurt (plain) (Lactic acid in yoghurt helps to soften the skin)

1 tablespoon of coconut oil

A few drops of essential oil like Lavender

Rose petals are a nice touch if you have them 🌹


👉 Place a large towel on the floor.

👉 Put all of the ingredients into the tub.

👉 Sit comfortably and place your feet into the foot bath.

👉 Relax back and enjoy.💤

👉 Add more warm water to extend your bath if you like. 👉 If you have a foot file, buff off your excess skin.

👉 Dry your feet.

👉 Apply cream and pop on your socks.

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