Posture fix!

Try this one move, and see how you feel...🧘‍♀

If you've been working at a desk, or sitting a lot, this one arm position may help you. You can do this while sitting at a desk, on the floor or standing. (We're just focusing on the arms, not the legs for this one. You don't have to be crossed legged for this to work).

All you need to do, is:

1. Be aware of your palms are they facing down or back?

2. Simply turn your palms up to face the sky, while they are relaxing at your side.

3. Do you feel your shoulder blades coming closer?

4. You may feel a nice stretch going down your upper arms, your back, and an opening of your chest area. Oh that feels good - right?

5. Hold this position and feel the tension melt away. Take a few nice long deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Do this whenever you feel you're slouching.

Let us know how this feels for you! Do you find this move helpful?

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