Self Care Reminder

What will you do today for your self care? Why run a bath, put some candles on, read a book, call a friend, paint your nails, do a facemask or meditate... whatever you choose to do, remember to take at least 10 mins self care time.

Struggling to relax?

Would you love to receive a customised facial pack...

Give your skin the glow it needs

Danielle our Skincare Expert here at The Pamper Lounge can create skin care packs to suit any skincare need! From dryness, oiliness, pigmentation, breakouts etc or even just to help you relax in these crazy times

Get in touch via social media or email with your skin goals or concerns and Danielle can create a customised skin kit to suit your needs... postage, click & collect available or free local delivery!

Remember - Do Not Pick Ladies!!

It’s probably getting to that awkward grown out stage now or maybe you’ve had enough of the glittery festive nails now so we created our own gel removal kits!

We have gel removal kits in stock online with full instructions for only £7.50...

We know there will be temptation to start picking as the days go past your next appointment, but please resist!! Picking gel off your nails will damage and weaken them!

Hopefully it won't be long until you can have a lovely fresh mani!

Order your kit now!

Stay safe & sane! Love The Pamper Lounge Family X

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