Stretch to Destress

Here's a simple stretching routine that'll help you ease tension in your shoulders and back...

Most of us hold tension in our upper this to feel relaxed:

1. Stretch both arms above your head and clasp your your palms are touching the sky. Hold this for 10 seconds, or as long as feel comfortable. 2. One arm is beside you and with your other hand, gently pull your head and neck to the side. You'll feel this stretching down your neck. Do this as long as it feels comfortable, and repeat on the other side. This is great for releasing tension in your neck. TIP - for an extra good stretch - turn your head to the side as you stretch and pull. 3. Bring one arm up and over your head. Hold your elbow with your other hand. You'll feel this stretch down the back of your arm. Do both sides. 4. Shoulder pull - this helps to release tension between your shoulder blades. Bring one arm across your body and support with your other arm. With the arm that's supporting, pull back and you'll feel a good stretch between your shoulder blades. Do both sides. Do these simple stretches daily to keep your neck and shoulders feeling good.

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