The Booty Buff Scrub!

This is a great DIY scrub that you can make at home.

Note* This is recommended to be used in the morning.

You need:

👉 2 x tablespoons of oil - Coconut or other

👉 2 x tablespoons of coarse sugar

👉 1x tablespoon of coffee - grounds or instant

What to do:

1. Mix all ingredients together to make a paste.

2. Stand in the shower/bath and rub this into your thighs and booty. Use fast and vigorous circular motions to stimulate your circulation and deeply massage this area.

Note* If you have dry hands - use a glove or exfoliating glove to protect your hands during the massage part. Do this for as long as you can - 2-3 mins per side is good.

3. Shower to rinse off.

👍 Coffee is used in firming and toning creams as it has a stimulating effect on your skin and circulation.

👍 Coffee and vigorous massage can aid in lymphatic drainage in this area.

👍 Sitting for long periods of time can affect circulation in this area.

Your skin should feel soft and smooth and invigorated after this!😍🙌

Let us know what you think!

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