Third Eye Retreat 💆‍♀

(This is a great one to share with a partner).

Did you of the most relaxing parts of a facial, is the forehead massage?

This is where we start the point between your eyes, and stroke back slowly towards your hair line. One hand follows the other and this creates a feeling of a never ending massage stroke...It feels divine and puts clients into a state of deep, calm relaxation. (Snoring at this stage is a good sign). 💤

Tension melts away from the forehead and the whole face softens.

Until you can get back in for your professional facials, try this routine for yourself. 👇

What you'll need:

A facial oil - you can use an oily serum, or use olive oil.

A sock filled with rice - about 1/2 cup of uncooked rice.

A drop of essential oil - any oil of your choosing. If you don't have essential oils to hand, you can use: Lavender leaves, Rosemary leaves, Lemon slice.

What to do:

Wash and dry your face.

Sit down comfortably, somewhere where your head can tilt back.

Apply a couple of drops of your facial oil to your fingers.

Start stroking back from between your eyes to your hair line, one hand at a time. Use slow, rhythmic strokes. Do as many strokes as you like - 20 - 50.

Then, take your sock with rice and place over your forehead. Place a drop of essential oil, or lemon to the upside of the sock.

Lie back and enjoy the feeling of gentle weight on your forehead.


Let us know what you think of this one?

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