We wanted to acknowledge how important it is to have me time and self care for your mental health. To some people maybe it’s just getting your nails done but to someone else that could be the only adult interaction they get that day or the only thing the do just for themselves all week. We listen to all your stresses and problems happily and always aim to make sure you feel good not only externally but internally to. That is our ethos here at The Pamper Lounge!

We are so grateful for you guys who visit us at the salon and we have done everything we can to make it a really safe but nice and luxurious experience for you too. Screens, masks, sanitiser, COVID forms and continuous cleaning.

Here are few ideas to help you take care of your mind... The simplest changes like a walk outdoors or a cup of your favourite hot beverage can instantly improve your mood and soothe the soul

. For more information about World Mental Health Day please click the link

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