Our Shower Kt is an ideal gift set for the man in your life or you may even want to buy yourself a sneaky treat!


This Zen Shower Kit provides the perfect start to the day, ensuring that you’re ready to face anything with the ultimate combination of life's essential grooming products, to keep you clean and pampered - exclusive for men. 


Includes a masculine collection of products:


* Choccy Shower Mixer - create a shower aroma explosion with pure essential oils! place at the bottom of your shower and watch as your Shower Mixer fizzes away releasing intense aroma!


* Solid Shower Gel Bar - become a dapper chap with a rich, confident inspiring scented shower gel created for those who prefer a more civilised and gentlemanly wash to start the day!


* ExerScrub Soap - an intensive exfoliating soap that instantly deep cleanses and helps stimulate circulation, improving skin tone. 


* Eau De Parfume For Men 15ml - don't underestimate the power of a mens fragrance... long lasting and pocket sized!


Please note mens fragrance may vary and solid shower gel fragrance/colour may vary.

Zen Shower Kit for Men


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