Reduce Return to Work Anxiety

It isn’t uncommon for people to have increased anxiety when returning to work following a period of absence, especially in the current health crisis. Studies show that two in five people are anxious about returning to work...


The COVID-19 pandemic has raised serious concerns about people’s mental well-being. The fear and uncertainty about the risk of infection by returning to work many feel for themselves and their loved ones.


We are here to provide an internal network of well-being, who can support your team members by promoting well-being in your organisation and by providing a 'Return to work anxiety' Programme as lockdown ends and there is a phased return to the workplace. We can help kick start your journey towards better mental health and beat that return to work anxiety.

We can provide our programme at the workplace before work, during lunch or after the work day ends. Another option is we can offer our programme virtually by providing access to our digital tools that offer anxiety and stress relief, improvement of sleep, relaxation, emotional healing and hypnotherapy that can support employees with their wellbeing and return to work anxiety.

We can also offer one-one sessions for those who need extra support.

The outbreak of COVID-19 means employers are tackling some significant challenges. Quite rightly the immediate focus has been on supporting employees and looking out for their safety and wellbeing.

In these unprecedented times employers should consider increasing their focus on supporting the wellbeing of their employees in practical ways, particularly as we anticipate seeing working norms change and remote working becoming the new norm, at least for a temporary period.

We have created a programme that we believe is practical, may supplement any strategies already in place, combats that returning to work anxiety and helps employees look after their overall wellbeing.


Mental health is a significant cause of absence from work. As well as sickness absence, poor mental health including anxiety at work can lead to increased staff turnover, reduced engagement and high presenteeism.


Our online programme is less than a £10 investment per employee and there's evidence of a clear return on investment and the evidence is not just theoretical.


Anglian Water (a water company) reckons that for every £1 they’ve invested in employee wellbeing, they've received £8 back.


There are many reasons why investing in employee wellbeing is a good choice...


A mentally healthy workplace and increased employee engagement are interdependent – by looking after employee’s mental wellbeing, staff morale and loyalty, innovation and productivity.


Be part of the movement for change in workplace wellbeing by starting your journey towards better mental health in your organisation today.