We have been doing some thinking of how we can make it as stress free and anxiety free for you all returning post lockdown.


We are very much aware that many of us have suffered with our mental health during these tough times & you may simply just want some time to yourself or feel there’s too much pressure to talk.


Although we do love a good chat and are so excited to catch up with you all but we also understand some people prefer not to chat, listen to their headphones or just struggle with anxiety (especially coming out of lockdown and returning to normal life).


As a salon that deeply cares, we would like to offer “The Silent Treatment”... Simply add a note to your online booking, feel free to message or let us know your preference when booking via telephone.


We will discuss your appointment on arrival & then you can sit back (bring headphones if you wish) and relax with no judgement from us!

Let us know your thoughts or anything else we can do/offer to give you the best possible experience.

silent treatment.jpeg